One Determined Flash (bratling) wrote in newtonusers,
One Determined Flash

NCU on Tiger?

has anyone here installed Newton Connection Utilities on Tiger?

i decided that i wanted to get my Newtons running again (a messagepad 2000 and 2100). of course, they work fine, but i want net. i found the dongle to my Farallon EtherWave card, and fired up NetHopper 3.0 ... and it complains about any server that serves out "text/html". cute. i can't even download NH 3.2 because it doesn't speak "application/x-newton-package". any suggestions for a better web browser?

anyway... so i decide i want to get NCU running, so i can install some packages over Ethernet, so i can get my Lucent WAVElan card running on the newton. except that the NCU 1.0 installer appears to hang at the "Preparing to install..." screen (after the license agreement), and never come out of it. CPU usage (system and user) both increase dramatically, and my disk IO is way up ... which could mean anything or nothing. Classic is running around 120% CPU (dual g4).

has anyone tried installing NCU under macosx 10.4 Tiger? any success?

if not, but you have NCU already installed in your Classic environment, would you care to zip it up and send me a copy? (without this, i can't even install the NewtSync package on the newton!)
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