Reid (corruptlogic) wrote in newtonusers,

Reviving my MessagePad

I recently rediscovered my old Newton MessagePad 2100. It's really nice to use but I can't get it to hook up to my Mac mini without a cable. I spent $20 about a year ago on a Newton Interconnect to PC serial cable and it only worked on my eMate... my MessagePad would complain about the computer not responding (this was using Apple's own Newton Connection Utilities software with slowdown.exe on Windows XP). After many unsuccessful attempts I packed it away but found it a few days ago and thought I would try to revive it. Now I have a Mac and the only connection option is USB, but I think there may be something wrong with the MessagePad because it didn't even connect when I used Windows, I had to transfer everything to my eMate first then to the MessagePad.

Also, I have a Avaya Wireless PC Card (basically and Orinoco at heart)... I would like to use that from my MessagePad but I think the only option is shareware. I don't have a means to pay for that, so are any other methods available?

Any suggestions on connectivity hardware and software, if its worth it, and maybe some wireless advice? I hope I can have a few answers as I attempt to locate the old power adapter for it... even if it won't connect to my computer I'd still like to use it for some tasks.

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The quickest and most efficient way I can think of to answer questions like this it to go to the Newtontalk archives or join the list and get help from a large and active user community. Good luck and welcome back. Here's some leads:

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Got a question? Check the Newton FAQ:
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