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Works documents and Mac OS X

Hey folks,

I have no idea if anybody's even reading this community any longer, but if so, I have a question:

How the heck do I transfer NewtonWorks documents to and from a Mac OS X system?

None of the serial connection software that I could find does this. They allow you to install packages, which works fine. Some even allow you to sync the calendar, date book, etc., which I have not tried. However, none seem to allow you to actually transfer documents. It's irritating as heck.

I got the impression somewhere that if I got an ethernet card for my device (an emate), I could use Appletalk and connect to the device as some kind of share, then pull the documents that way, but so far I've had no luck with that avenue. I've been able to do a TCP/IP connection for all the same stuff as above (with the serial connection), but nothing else, and Appletalk has been a bit of a mystery to me with the device so far -- I can't seem to do anything with it.

It would be ideal to use a serial connection, incidentally, even though I do have the ethernet card, simply because the stuff to make the ethernet card work takes up something like half my available memory. I don't mind the speed of the serial connection and I have a Stealth serial port in my PowerMac, which works fine through NewTen and the like.

Any ideas? Am I missing something totally obvious?

Oh, lastly, does anyone have a spare 9W power supply that they'd like to sell cheap? I've donated mine to clawfoot, who recently got herself an emate without a power adapter, but I'm now hunting for a replacement one for mine.
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