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Ethernet Question!

I stumbled on this community while I was searching for a place to buy a Farallon Ethernet card and Dongle. I realize the last post was in June, so I don't have my hopes up that ya'll will still be watching this. Here is my problem:

I have an MP2100, in perfect condition. I am missing the little Newton to DIN8 adaptor, but I have the rest of the PC connection kit. But my Newt fhas the Farallon .PKG installed already and everything else is up to date (it was like this when I got it). I would like to get the Farallon ethernet card, but I can't find one for-sale. I have found a Farallon PN995-TX does anyone know if this will work with the drivers?

Thanks for any input!

(Sorry my post is kinda rambling!)
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