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Newton Users' Journal

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18th February 2010

hartonj12:07pm: nBlog
Anyone use nBlog (http://www.tow.com/weblog/) to post livejournal entries from their Newtons (MP2000, MP2100, eMate?)?
Current Mood: bored

6th February 2010

dtsteele9:31pm: Any Newton Users going to MacWorld?
I'll be there but probably my newton won't....:-)
Current Mood: thoughtful

28th February 2008

vivian211212:26pm: New to the Community
I am joining newton fan communities and lists in preparation for a purchase of a Newton 2100 or similar contraption. I hope activity picks up soon....:)

23rd August 2005

bratling3:49pm: NCU on Tiger?
has anyone here installed Newton Connection Utilities on Tiger?

i decided that i wanted to get my Newtons running again (a messagepad 2000 and 2100). of course, they work fine, but i want net. i found the dongle to my Farallon EtherWave card, and fired up NetHopper 3.0 ... and it complains about any server that serves out "text/html". cute. i can't even download NH 3.2 because it doesn't speak "application/x-newton-package". any suggestions for a better web browser?

anyway... so i decide i want to get NCU running, so i can install some packages over Ethernet, so i can get my Lucent WAVElan card running on the newton. except that the NCU 1.0 installer appears to hang at the "Preparing to install..." screen (after the license agreement), and never come out of it. CPU usage (system and user) both increase dramatically, and my disk IO is way up ... which could mean anything or nothing. Classic is running around 120% CPU (dual g4).

has anyone tried installing NCU under macosx 10.4 Tiger? any success?

if not, but you have NCU already installed in your Classic environment, would you care to zip it up and send me a copy? (without this, i can't even install the NewtSync package on the newton!)

30th July 2005

rhyfelwr8:03pm: Ethernet Question!
I stumbled on this community while I was searching for a place to buy a Farallon Ethernet card and Dongle. I realize the last post was in June, so I don't have my hopes up that ya'll will still be watching this. Here is my problem:

I have an MP2100, in perfect condition. I am missing the little Newton to DIN8 adaptor, but I have the rest of the PC connection kit. But my Newt fhas the Farallon .PKG installed already and everything else is up to date (it was like this when I got it). I would like to get the Farallon ethernet card, but I can't find one for-sale. I have found a Farallon PN995-TX does anyone know if this will work with the drivers?

Thanks for any input!

(Sorry my post is kinda rambling!)
Current Mood: curious

14th June 2005

yesthatjill9:15pm: nBlog
Now that I have Gavin MacKenzie's updated nBlog, I can post to my own lj with impunity. Has anyone set up multiple livejournals with nBlog? I have two lj accounts I would like to post to, and can't figure out how to have two setups.

Am I missing something?

27th March 2005

kaiju87:15pm: Universal Remote software for older Newtons?
Anyone know of good, programmable universal remote software that would work on a 110 or 130? My remotes are dying and I have these two sitting around unused.
Current Mood: geeky

4th March 2005

amrok10:55am: MindMap
Does anybody have a MindMapping software for Newton?

3rd March 2005

corruptlogic10:58pm: Reviving my MessagePad
I recently rediscovered my old Newton MessagePad 2100. It's really nice to use but I can't get it to hook up to my Mac mini without a cable. I spent $20 about a year ago on a Newton Interconnect to PC serial cable and it only worked on my eMate... my MessagePad would complain about the computer not responding (this was using Apple's own Newton Connection Utilities software with slowdown.exe on Windows XP). After many unsuccessful attempts I packed it away but found it a few days ago and thought I would try to revive it. Now I have a Mac and the only connection option is USB, but I think there may be something wrong with the MessagePad because it didn't even connect when I used Windows, I had to transfer everything to my eMate first then to the MessagePad.

Also, I have a Avaya Wireless PC Card (basically and Orinoco at heart)... I would like to use that from my MessagePad but I think the only option is shareware. I don't have a means to pay for that, so are any other methods available?

Any suggestions on connectivity hardware and software, if its worth it, and maybe some wireless advice? I hope I can have a few answers as I attempt to locate the old power adapter for it... even if it won't connect to my computer I'd still like to use it for some tasks.


23rd February 2005

kingofambush8:29pm: Upgrading and Retrofitting
Has anyone ever been succesful in retrofitting a color screen on any of the messagepads?

17th November 2004

dougygyro3:30pm: Connectivity questions: OSX <--> OS7 <--> Newton 120
I just bought a Newton 120, and so far I really like it. I'm still getting used to the handwriting system, but it's a bit of history.

My reason for posting here is that I can't afford the Keyspan dual serial adapter, but there is an ancient Powerbook 5300 kicking around my folks' place.

That machine would probably work quite nicely to sync my Newton, but does anybody know if there is a way to sync OSX's Addressbook and iCal apps to an OS7 application that will run on the 5300?

15th September 2004

chrontius6:43pm: New Software Alert.
NewtonTalk recently announced nBlog supports LiveJournal posting. I've played around a bit with nBlog 1.2.0 (the latest version) but I haven't been able to do images, moods, or music. Is there a trick to that? Oh, and I can't post to any but my primary account, or switch avatars.

Still, this is definitely going to see some heavy use.

And if anyone else's used nBlog lately, care to share secrets?
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16th June 2004

kaiju83:15pm: Damn you, don_t_ask
I owned an OMP, 120, and a 130 when they first came out, selling the last to buy the next. For a while I was newtonless, but picked up a 130 off of eBay several months later. Then my mom, a public school teacher, told me of a free schwag drop from a local University where I picked up a 110, some batteries, and a charging station. Soon after that, my friend don_t_ask dropped by to show up a couple of eMate's he'd picked up, leaving one in my care.

My wife hates the clutter my "vintage" computer collection creates, so I put a lot stuff in the attic, but put all my Newtons in a laptop bag in the top of my closet. They sat there for over a year, undisturbed.

Then last week I pointed out an eBay seller to don_t_ask who seemed to be selling bulk 2100s.

Today, don_t_ask brings his just-arrived box of 10 2100s to my desk, handing me one as a sort of "finder's fee".

My wife is going to kill me. @_@
Current Mood: geeky

30th March 2004

raphael965:04pm: wi-fi help
I finally got a wavelan silver wi-fi card by Lucent.

The only problem is when I plugged it into my newton I got the error message that that type of card cannot be read by the newton.

Any ideas about what I need to fix this??

Thanks for any and all help!


25th January 2004

dtsteele3:00pm: Wireless Coffee?
I tried without success to connect at a local coffee shop. Then I found out it was a commercial sipandsup site now. Anyone else able to connect at public sites?
Current Mood: what else?

13th January 2004

raphael965:40am: wireless stuff
I have an MP2000 upgraded to 2100.

Does anybody run a wireless connection off of their Newton??

Whats the best set-up for it?

Current Mood: curious

29th November 2003

dtsteele8:42am: Myth on OSX
Myth on OSX

Maybe I'm the last person to know this but I just discovered that Myth has been ported to run native on OSX.
This free updater comes free from Myth Dev and they have released one for each of the 3 Myth games. These are actual upgrades to the original games. All you need to have is a copy of the onginal game on a CD. Once you do the upgrade you can also get a free account on Play Myth for network multi-player games.

OK, maybe I'll see you out there soon defending earth from The Fallen Lords and their minons!

27th November 2003

dtsteele12:50am: (Green) Holiday Greetings

"Written and posted wirelessly on my Newton!"

13th November 2003

corradokid10:31pm: So long trusty messagepad
Well, I'm finally eBaying things and I'm selling my Newton 110 :-\ Hopefully it'll go to a good home...

7th November 2003

macmanchad11:50am: Wow, looks like this place has been dead for a while. Hopefully some people still watch this group, cause that NewtonTalk email list is kinda annoying to work with IMHO.

Anyway, I've finally got OS 10.3 and iSync and iCal and all that good stuff, and have finagled nSync to get my Newton's calendar into iCal for me. The issue I'm having is that when it does this copy, it drops all information about repeating appointments. So yeah, it shows that I have one occurrence of each class and work shift and that's it. I fixed everything in iCal so it shows things correctly, but then when I sync again it puts a bunch of single occurrence events in my Newton.

Anyone else experiencing this problem?

30th July 2003

kylefuetzvater9:55pm: Help!
Does anyone know of a way to fix/replace the Screen on a newton for free?

Is there even a way to save a Newton Message Pad 110 that had an unfortunate encounter between a foot and a floor?

It boots but the LCD is cracked and splattered perfectly in the middle. I can see the bottom right corner still.

I'm screwed aren't I?

16th June 2003

corradokid11:22pm: Getting OS X's address book on to a Newton 110?
hello... i've owned my Newton 110 since it first came out but never really used it :-\ i finally dug it out and am now curious if it's at all possible to get vCards (OS X's Address Book) entries onto the Newton some how? either an OS X or OS 9 application (i can just export all the vCards and use another app to get them in the Newton if necessary.)

i've looked into the OS X Newton apps, but nSync requires a Newton 2000 or better and Newten doesn't work right (connects with my Newton and then the app says the Newton disconnects) so I've been using the Newton Package Installer in OS 9 (not Classic.)

any info would be great! :)
Current Mood: curious

10th June 2003

epi_lj12:35pm: Works documents and Mac OS X
Hey folks,

I have no idea if anybody's even reading this community any longer, but if so, I have a question:

How the heck do I transfer NewtonWorks documents to and from a Mac OS X system?

None of the serial connection software that I could find does this. They allow you to install packages, which works fine. Some even allow you to sync the calendar, date book, etc., which I have not tried. However, none seem to allow you to actually transfer documents. It's irritating as heck.

I got the impression somewhere that if I got an ethernet card for my device (an emate), I could use Appletalk and connect to the device as some kind of share, then pull the documents that way, but so far I've had no luck with that avenue. I've been able to do a TCP/IP connection for all the same stuff as above (with the serial connection), but nothing else, and Appletalk has been a bit of a mystery to me with the device so far -- I can't seem to do anything with it.

It would be ideal to use a serial connection, incidentally, even though I do have the ethernet card, simply because the stuff to make the ethernet card work takes up something like half my available memory. I don't mind the speed of the serial connection and I have a Stealth serial port in my PowerMac, which works fine through NewTen and the like.

Any ideas? Am I missing something totally obvious?

Oh, lastly, does anyone have a spare 9W power supply that they'd like to sell cheap? I've donated mine to clawfoot, who recently got herself an emate without a power adapter, but I'm now hunting for a replacement one for mine.
Current Mood: perplexed
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